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A Typical Class

A typical class at CrossFit Dedication begins with our community of athletes. We gather in a circle to briefly discuss the day's workout, and introduce ourselves to each other.

We then spend 5-20 minutes (depending on the workout) on warming up and mobilization, to make sure your body is ready to safely accomplish what we're about to ask it to do.

This is followed by a Strength or Skill session. The selected movement is introduced and demonstrated by a coach in every class, and cues for proper technique are discussed.

Last, there is a workout designed to test and improve your metabolic conditioning. You've probably heard this part referred to as the WOD or the Metcon. This is a short, intense session of a few different movements, carefully selected to improve specific areas of your strength, mobility, endurance, or ability.

When it's all over, you'll be tired, and sweaty, and more than a little surprised at what you were just able to accomplish. Our sessions end the way they started, with our community of athletes congratulating and encouraging each other.